Housekeeping, New Message Center, and Profanity

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How do you add a post on the recipe thread? I want to add my Christmas Cookie Recipe and it won't let me in to post?

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It should? Ill check but it should if you can see it you should be able to get in it...

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Do you think we could have a topic for "The Arts"? Something that got lost at A&E?... Fine art, painting, dance, symphony, opera, sculpture .. Current events, showings. Artist biographies. Etc?

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Yes ... that's actually a good idea. It is done.

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Oh thank you! I'm just sitting here waiting.... Thinking " that would be in nice!..." and then you popped up! Are you WATCHING here?

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Kev, someone posted under my name on the recipes

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boo hoo hoo lol

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Avery? I love your profile picture art? Quite, surreal? Is that a dripping pink diamond? Do you happen to know the artists name ?

This is not the thread for your lunacy.

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