Blitz attacks

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Have you found anything worth saving from the storage unit yet? It's hot up here too, and working with the horse has me sweating ghrough my clothes so badly that zI can't bend my knees. You know how denim sticks when it's wet.

Rick was saying not to leave a horse in a situation where it couldn't fend for itself to some extent. At least this horse wasn't tied up. The photos of the drowned horses left tied were heartbreaking. Kind of like Jack Dawson handcuffed down below in Titanic.

His advice is to free them in case of a fire or flood and worry about recovering them later. That's from a humane perspective, but civil authorities might see it differently.

About the horses don't love you thing, I used to believe that until I had an experience that taught me otherwise. What the guy is trying to say is that your horse may love you, but that doesn't trump its fight or flight nature and they WILL hurt you without meaning to in many situations. They do have the emotions, as do all mammals, but they don't have the self control or the judgement not to panic and run over you or knock you down.

Most horse owners today board their horses and they never pick up basic horse sense the way people who live around them do. If you see him with his own two horses, they obviously love him and vice versa. He baby talks to them and kisses them even while remaining the dominant 'horse' in the little herd of three. He's cracking on the naive women and little girls who think that if they're nice to a horse by blanketing it and feeding it treats they'll be safe around it and it will gladly do scary and painful things for them. You don't have to beat the crap out of them to teach them who's boss, but you do have to be firm and consistent from the horse's point of view. Watching his training videos is a real education, especially with his 'three strike' feral mustang, Mr. T.

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Aaaaaaah My nightmare is FINALLY OVER! (At least this chapter of it.) I have rescued everything I give a crap about from the storage unit, and am currently cooling off in the AC. I still have eight and a half hours to go before the deadline and Ive got everything I want. My buddy and his brother are over there now - cause they think some more stuff can be saved, I guess they are willing to devote more effort to it than me. LOL (I have reached my "had enough" threshold so they told me to go cool off, take a shower, and come back with lunch. But as of this moment - if everything still in that unit got bulldozes away I would shed no tears... THE PRESSURE IS NOW OFF and this chapter of my hell has closed.

Have you found anything worth saving from the storage unit yet?

Yeah quite a lot of stuff. All the "impermeable stuff" Her glass, pewter, delft Blue, those russian eggs, canned food, cleaning supplies, some stuff I hard stored over there. Her Wii was OK that was on top of the entertainment center, ditto for the VCR and tapes, a box of her cookbooks, one bag of the stuffed animals etc. We are now down to furniture and boxes etc that were below the waterline. I was willing to walk away from that - but tim is emptying boxes of stuff like kitchenware into Rubbermaid tubs, His plan is to fill the rubber made tubs with bleach water and let them sit, then I can run them through the dishwasher and/or donate them for a tax receipt. Larger impermibanle stuff like the non-wooden / non upholstered furniture he plans to put on the trailer and run through the car wash. His take is that even if I don't want it and just donate it - it might be just the thing somebody who lost everything needs. He's right of course, but I had just reached my "Im fucking done" threshold. (Did I mention the heat, and the mold, and the stench and the fact that Ive been dealing with this shit for days....)

Rick was saying not to leave a horse in a situation where it couldn't fend for itself to some extent. At least this horse wasn't tied up.

See, I see nothing wrong with tying up (or haltering which he also has a problem with) a horse. I mean the fact of the matter is some people and horses are just gonna be fucking unlucky when the shit hits the fan. I mean by the same token, my ex-wifes horse was kept in a fancy box stall in an air conditioned boarding stable. If that flooded - those horses would all be drowned dead in their stalls. When disaster strikes some make it, some don't. The state says I have to be tied in my car. I HATE seatbels. Hate them with a passion. I would NEVER wear them if I didnt have to fear rickets. Whatever engineer designed automotive seatbelts should be ass raped to death with a toilet plunger dipped in superglue and encrusted with broken glass. "Seatbelts save lives" and they do - by making quadriplegics with ruptured spleens and lacerated livers. It bears mention you wont find an automotive seatbelt in a NASCAR race car, or the cockpit of an airplane. Pilots, race car drivers, etc have four and five point harness style belts. The fact of the matter is you can tie your horse 365 days a year for the last 200 years, and you wouldn't have gotten the flooding we got in Harvey. Don't tie it to the bridge beams when your in a dry creek bed and there are thunderstorms brewing, but if your land is say "outside the 25 year flood plain" I see nothing wrong with it. The thing is in a lot more danger of being hit by a car or shot by a hunter if it wanders off then it is of drowning on an average day.

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Holy fuck - another quake in mexico - this time a 6.1. Rubble collapsed on the rubble that the rescues were sifting through. Jeez.

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Speaking of earthquakes, isn't this the day we were supposed to get hit by planet Nibiru or some such fuckery?

My horses rough it compared to those fancy stsble horses. They're in a half acre padcock with an entire two acres to roam in if I let them out into the pasture. The shed is open access unless there would be some pressing need to lock one up. I don't know why I keep referring to them in the plural. Old habbit, I guess. I wouldn't leave them tied up close under any circumstancex, because that would bore the hell out of them, and boring them turns them feisty and unpleasant. The only thing I need to worry about is a hazardous chemical spill on I-94, and I don't know what I'd do if I had to evacuate.

I've been keeping my horses in halters in case of a breakout, just for ghe convenience of the police, but I'm starting to let Ginger go naked. She's easy to catch, unlike every other horse I ever had. It's good in a way, because now when I put on the halter she knows it's time to mind me rather than do her own thing. She was funny today. I groomed her, picked out her front feet, walked her around, and then took off her halter and told her she was off duty and go be a horse. She stood at the gate giving me the 'Gingerlook' to tell me she wanted to go graze on the lawn. I ignored her, and finally she turned her tail at me and went into her shed. She has Buns really well trained but not me.

Then I went to do a little more cleaning in the shed with a spade to clear up a swinging door and got stung by wasps again. Now I know exactly where the nest is, and those little su kers are about to die.

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Mission accomplished. The saga of "moms storage unit" is officially closed. I have taken a shower. Im gonna have some chinese food. Then take another shower. Then have a beer, or a bottle of wine, or whatever it takes to kill my pain...In any event, Mission accomplished and before the deadline. God my whole body hurts

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You must feel good. Yeah-whatever it takes. lol

Kev, is there such a thing as ground wasps? I didn't find a paper nest such as what I was looking for, but I did see wasp activity around a pile of hay and horse dust in the corner of the outward opening door that I was trying to free up. Every time I got stung I was pressure washing that crack from the inside or trying to dig it loose with the spade. I doused it good with wasp killer for now, and I'll finish the job next wedk ehen the hot spell ends. It's okay if they get me, but one stung Ginger while she was eating her sweet feed, and I can't allow my best girl to be stung on the nose.

This is ridiculous. It's officially fall, and we have record heat in the 90s. The autumnal equinox is the day when the sun behins to come in our southward facing windows. My dad designed the depth of the overhangs so we only get direct sunlight in the colder half of the year.

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OMG Im fucking CLEAN. CLEAN IS SAY! First time In over a week that Im TRULY clean. (Ive showered many times since, but this was the "job is done decontamination - complete with trimming nails, q-tipping ears, etc. Ya know as opposed to "I showered, and in six hours I will be back to playing in the cesspool. Nope now even the clothes I wore are bagged and in the trash.

Kev, is there such a thing as ground wasps?

It depends what you refer to as a wasp - the term varies regionally to wasp, hornet, yellow jacket, etc. But in general yes. Most wasps / hornets live in the ground. Look for two small holes. There will ALWAYS be two. You fuck with one they will come out of the other and get ya. So cover one, spray the other.

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Holy shit, Kev, you've really been through it! Jesus! At least that horrific storage unit work is behind you. Are the planes alright? Has the flight restriction been lifted yet? Guess there's not much reason to fly right now, unless you could get some of that skeeter spray work. Not sure of what services you performed, or rather your Mexicans performed ;) But if landscaping was one of them, people who didn't lose their homes will need those services.

So they're throwing the elderly out but still catering to the niggers...typical. I'd get the fuck out of that area! Oh wait, that's your plan, right?

St. Croix didn't take a direct hit. The hurricane passed about 10 or 20 miles to the south, and the south western corner of the island has the most damage. The house we rented is north in the Salt Bay area. The owners of the rental property aren't getting much information about the house yet, since communications are still down, or sporadic at best. All they know is that the house is still standing. The big issue is power. A refund isn't happening, but we might to be able to reschedule. Dan can't go away any later in the year, because the car washes get much busier in the winter months. The cold weather always causes issues for him to handle. We're hoping to reschedule for early spring.

Randy, did you get another horse?

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Nope, Joy, I didn't get another horse, but I want one. Just being with Ginger has lowered my stress so much. Another horse would be good for her, and I'd like to have one I can actually ride, maybe have Zachary learn to ride too. Finding the proper horse is difficult, though.

Damn, those wasp/hornet/yellowjacket/whateverthefucktheyare stings itch. I've never reacted this way to wasps before.

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Good afternoon, guys. What I want most now is cooler weather. It is miserable outside. My left hand is itching like a bastard.

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Randy, I can relate to itching bug bites. The last couple of years I've been getting bit by flies on the legs and even on the face. They swell up and itch like hell, too. I usually put some Calamine lotion on them, and that eases the itching. But they still last for at least a week.

An antihistamine might help, too.

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GD Steelers is right. If you're not willing to stand in respect for the national anthem, then you shouldn't expect to make money playing for a team located in that nation and taking that nation's money.

I'm not into football or sports of any kind, but I sure wouldn't pay to watch something that gives me a giant fuck you for being a pztriotic citizen of my country.

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I had another day out in the heat with Ginger, just getting her used to working with me and learning new things. Today after I groomed her, she alerted to some kids out in the pasture, and it gurned out to be our pal Xeno with a bunch of his friends playing with their nerf guns. I led her up, encouraged the boys to interact with her, pet her and get her used to the sound of the one kid's gun that only made noise. She was completely cool with it and wanted to sniff it even while he had the sound effects on. The Dad of one of the friends showed up with three younger siblings, and they all got to pet her and interact while they were playing on our swing set. The youngest girl was only about one and a half, but she enjoyed the horsie too. I told Dad he could bring them back any time as long as he kept the kids out of situations where they might get kicked or knocked down. This is all to teach Ginger who's in charge in a gentle and enjoyable way for her. She was great, kept her ears forward the whole time, so I know she was enjoying herself. Then she got a cool down with a microfibre car washing mitt and plain water.

The only problem for me (and for the Dad, who was a red-head) was the sun. It made my wasp sting even worse. All red and swelled up now. I have benadryl I can take if I can't find any anti-histamine cream to put on.

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I'm not into football or sports of any kind

Me neither. Wish more people would boycott those greedy bastards. Let them go to Mars with Cher and see how many million$ they make there, or most any other country on earth. At least one Steeler came out of the locker room and stood for the National Anthem. One has some balls, and I don't mean footballs ;)

Sounds like Ginger was Queen for today :) I'm sure the kids loved meeting her. That was better than a trip to the zoo.

My "gardener" came today to trim, and man was it hot. I was in and out all day picking up clipping, etc. Got a nice bite on the neck now from either a fly or a skeeter :( Time to break out the Calamine.

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At least one Steeler came out of the locker room and stood for the National Anthem. One has some balls

He played for a higher team that he has more loyalty to. Villaneuva is a West Point grad, He served three tours in Afganistan, and is currently a Captain in the US Army Rangers. He won the bronze star with valor, for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire. Something tells he is an American soldier first, and a Pittsburgh Steeler second. Ironically - he is a latino, born at Naval Air Station Meridian MS, to a Spanish couple who was stationed here with NATO. So he is literally a first generation hispanic american.

Which brings me to a point. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE NIGGERS BITCHING ABOUT???? I mean WHAT has Trump done to oppress the blacks? If anything they are still getting their dicks sucked by the US Govt. They are getting da gibs, they are still rioting and looting with impunity they are still killing cops, they are on track fro lifetime bennies over Harvey and Irma. WHERE IS THIS BLACK PERSECUTION???? I mean the hispanics are being rounded up and deported like CRAZY. To the point where ICE is running ads on Craigslist looking for day workers for hurricane clean up, and then arresting and deporting the people who show up. Nobody is trying to build a wall around the blacks or to send them back to Africa. So what the fuck are they bitching out. SORRY HOLMES, MEXICAN IS THE NEW NIGGER. Ya aint persecuted no mo! This administration moved on to the latinos....

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Awww sorry to hear about all the heat related maladies and the bites. Put some ammonia on the sting randy it will help. Just regular household ammonia, or if your dehydrated at all - piss on it. Not being a wise ass. It will break down the portions in the venom.

I am a broken specimen. Absolutely broken. I feel like I have been hit in the backs of he legs, butt, and lower back with a baseball bat. Im practically cripple I have had like four hot showers already with the massaging shower head. I did WAY too much heavy lifting and bending. But hey, at least I don't have to go back. And I picked up an IT gig to do this week to get some cash flow in, so I don't have to get out of bed if I need a few days to heal.

But if landscaping was one of them, people who didn't lose their homes will need those services.

Unfortunately, most of the lawns, even for the unaffected houses have debris piled on the lawns. Debris pickup is really slow cause there isn't landfill space to take it to. Flight restriction is supposed to lift on the sixth....

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ROFL Hmmmmmm this is a great idea... Yep put them at the mall, shorten their commute to loot. Notice their demographics.

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Okay, who the hell doesn't know you take off your belt and put a tourniquet around a limb BEFORE you cut it off? And if not, how about after? "Put pressure on it" my ass.

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