Blitz attacks

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I think the cubans are getting their asses knocked off LOL Trump is taking a shit on them... He's practically going "Beecher in the Gym" on cruz and rubio.

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OMG, Rubio is really giving Donald a rough time and getting the upper hand. Oy, could be a turning point!

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Naw I think Donald is wiping his ass with Rubio. And that thing just now with cruz. "Then she'll really clobber you" ROFL Donald is so arrogant He's almost as much of a prick as me.

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Trump's numbers are gonna SKYROCKET after this. Look at the applause he gets IN HOUSTON TEXAS when he slaps around Cruz or Rubio. Super Tuesday is gonna be interesting... :D

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Hope you're right, but I'm not so sure. I have an uneasy feeling about this debate. The Cubans are getting desperate at this point, and they're really tag teaming Trump and landing a few. Donald doesn't seem to be coming up with much new material and keeps repeating the same old tag lines, even when they fit in with the context of the subject matter.

OMG, what a brawl - LOL

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No, he's doing GREAT look how upset he had them. He has Cruz stammering like an upset child. I mean look at that thing just now "For 40 years he has been financing liberal politicians" I financed YOU. He never gave me money - Yes I did. ROFL Fucking dummies. Of course trump did. He's a businessman he financed everyone.

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We'll see what they say at the focus group.

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See I fully expected trump to be actively booed. I mean Houston Texas, Rafael De La Communistas home field so to speak. Yet trump got a lot of thundering applause and didn't get booed any time he handed Rafael his Huevos... LOL I think they looked desperate.

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he handed Rafael his Huevos.


Yeah, that's true about the home-town advantage. Forgot about that little detail. The talking heads don't seem to think Donald did too badly, although they are talking a lot about the incoming from Rubio.

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I swear to god sometimes I wonder if Cruz is formally officially clinically retarded (like that daughter of his thats clearly some kind of mongotard) or if he's just an idiot.

His biggest attack tonight is that trump will make compromise deals, and negotiate with democrats and get stuff done???? GEEE RAFAEL, YOU MEAN YOU PROMISE TO PERPETUATE THIS GRIDLOCK WE HAVE WHERE NOTHING GETS DONE???? YOU PROMISE FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE CRAP THAT HAS THE PUBLIC SO PISSED OFF NOW??

I mean HELLO - isn't the biggest complaint about Obama that he WONT compromise or work with anyone and his his way or nothing? OMG - Please Rafael, tell us you'll read green eggs and ham again?? Can you do it En Espanyol this time? LOL

Gee God help us, Trump will get along with people, make deals and get shit done.... LOL

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Jeez, what does Hillary Clinton have to offer us but her ability to compromise and the message that change is impossible? So bend over and learn to enjoy it.

My grandsons were here last night, so I barely got to watch the Sanders town hall between the sreeches, but I did soo Chris Matthews going all "you can't do this" on Sanders. The students at the University of Chicago asked much more intelligent questions and didn't shout over Sanders when he gave his thoughtful answers.

I did get to see the highlights of the GOP debate, and Trump is bdginning to look better to me than the two others. Never underestimate the ability to schmooze.

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OOOh i like this:

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SO - I watched this interesting documentary on the drug "Krokodil"

Check out the living conditions that "Democratic Socialism" bring...

This will be America if that crazy Jew is elected. Consider this a visit from the ghost of Christmas future and JUST SAY NO TO BERNIE....

It is HEARTBREAKING to see white people living like Detroit niggers. (Also the product of Demoncraptic policies.)


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God thinking about that Krokodil drug. If only there were a way to get that to be popular in the black community here. Like instead of crack - if we could get our niggers to use THAT. Maybe pass it out in kindergarten or something. Maybe trump can give out free samples at the Black Lives Matter protests, or you get issued a free sample of it when you get released from prison, or if we could get KFC to serve Krokodil Infused Watermelon LOL

I watched this thing about Waragi which is Uganda banana moonshine.

If only we could introduce something more destructive to their lives. Maybe start a "church" and send "missionaries" to help them start "cottage industries" ... It could be HUGE!!! HUGE!!!!

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I watched the krokodil video, although it seemed to be about heroin, which we have plenty of in the US. The causes were explained as the results of engaging in a ten year war in Afghanistan. Which we have now done as well. Drug addicts are not known for their clean and gracious lifestyle. That tall apartment building reminded me a lot of Cabrini Green.

So are you saying that socialism caused this huge drug problem in Russia? Or is it Sanders' idea about rethinking the War On Drugs, which has only made the problem worse? I'd look more at why people are so miserable that they need to escape reality by sticking a needle in their arm and injecting a health destroying drug.

What actually brought the Soviet Union down was getting bankrupted by Reagan's arms race. It's what brought us so low too, although no one is willing to admit it.

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I agree Randy about why are so many young people are turning to heroin nowadays? Is it really that available? I do know here it seems like every other day you hear about someone being revived with that Narcan ...I think due to how addictive they say heroin is maybe they should not revive these people..Let that be the wake up call when your best friend overdoses ..You feel bad for the families but it saves them in the long run from rehab and money lost on what usually is a lost cause sadly...

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Many of the new heroin users are due to the Oxy supplies drying up. Not only is heroin cheaper than Oxys, it's in plentiful supply. Unfortunately, it's a lot more pure than it used to be back in the day, and now a dose that juzt got you high can kill you.

Why do people use drugs like that? Their live are pretty bleak to begin with or they're suburban kids looking to party and they get hooked. The US is subject to the same kind of narco-terrorism that Russia is, and it's highly profitable.

I have to say, I don't feel sorry for someone who was dumb enough to chew or snort an 80mg oxy or stick a needle in a vein. That is a pretty extreme step to take, and you know you're on a road to hell when you do it for the first time.

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So are you saying that socialism caused this huge drug problem in Russia? Or is it Sanders' idea about rethinking the War On Drugs, which has only made the problem worse? I'd look more at why people are so miserable that they need to escape reality by sticking a needle in their arm and injecting a health destroying drug.

Yes. All of the above. The socialism caused it. As the guy said - when the housing got bad, they build new govt housing, Nobody is invested. Nobody is a stake holder. Thats why govt housing in the US is such a shithole. Nobody who lives there cares. Plus the "collective ownership: only gets worse in that there is nobody to arrest those scrappers. If you could jail them on trespass and petty theft charges you can put them to productive work in the prison industrial complex. Here in Texas the prison system is an end run around the emancipation proclamation We have them doing everything from taking airline reservations to growing crops to refurbishing school busses for pennies a day. Its a way to actually make negros work.

The war on drugs doesn't make the problem worse. Under bearnies nonsense all of his beloved trash will be laying around with needles in their arms lolling and drooling waiting for their next govt freebie. All they have to do is spend their life high - no worries about a place to live, medical care, food, its all free. No work needed. Just lay there, shoot up, and don't forget to fuck so you can increase the number of brainless democrats, His open border policies will ensure a steady supply of herion across the porous mexican border, just like the russians have across their southern border.

As for why they are so miserable - maybe its because they are poor and don't have anything and have no hope of making themselves wealthy because they know any wealth they managed to amass would be redistributed for them...

Thats the Amerika that crazy old Jew wants to bring us. He just a self loathing old Jew who failed in everything he ever tried until he found the one job for worthless cocksuckers incapable of anything else in life - Democratic Politician. The guy failed at writing rape porn, and being a professional agitator and nigger lover, so he found a niche in politics - in the company of his intellectual equals like Shiela Jackson Lee .

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See whats hilarious to me with all of the Bernie supporters is they think they will be "the chosen ones" ROFL. I mean HELLO - do you think Vladimir Putin ever waited in a bread line??? Fuck no. His grandmother was Lenin's personal chef. His father was in the Navy as a submariner, the army, and an NKVD "Destruction Battalion" (Ie Death Squad) Its no surprise that Putin was sent to the german speaking high school, then law school, and then served in the KGB retiring as a Lt Col. OK the tire factory or the coal mine was NEVER on Vlad's path...

The people who support bernie are not exactly over achievers. They want "freebies". Yeah sure the "free tuition" sounds great. Aren't they gonna be surprised to discover that their standardized test results qualify them for "garbage man school" or "Bakery School". Cause you don't PICK under socialism, they pick for you according to your aptitude and the needs of the state. I think a whole lot of bernie underachievers are gonna be in for a rude shock to discover that their test results show they can qualify for crash test dummy, chernobyl liquidator, or organ donor.

There are ALWAYS gonna people who are of "the ruling class". On a KGB officers salary, Putin managed to amass a fortune of 70 BILLION dollars. So much for that whole "equality thing". Heres the reality of "equality". A Cuban makes 584 Pesos a month. Thats roughly $24.30 a month - although they are paid in the non-convertible pesos so they don't really exchange. OK - doesn't matter if your a doctor, or a maid in a resort, or a sugar cane cutter or the guy who picks up the dogshit in the park, you get $24.30 a month. So it really doesn't matter if you get picked for free med school, or free lawn mowing school. But don't worry - the people in Bernie's inner circle will still live well. Fidel Castro is worth 900 Million.

The dummies who think Bernie is gonna do anything for them are as deluded as the Neo-Nazis who ride around with all the SS regalia. Its HELLO - you toothless redneck high school drop out ex convict meth tweaking motherfucker - do you REALLY think you would have been welcome in the Schutzstaffel??? I see them and its like you simple minded bastard, do you not realize that YOU would have been the first one they put on the wall and shot. Those were the BEST men Germany had to offer, the elite, the pride of the Reich... Merle Dixon and some bald juvenile delinquent in black parachute pants need not apply.

Liberals are just fucking delusional. Like all those black lives matter idiots with the Che Guevara shirts. Che hated niggers about as much as I do. Che was a HUGE racist...

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese. The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

This doesn't sound like someone who would have been big on BLM...

"We're going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing."

Che also created the camps used to exterminate the gays... Oh but idiot liberals just embrace him as a hero. LOL Liberals are morons, they have NO clue about reality as long as the bullshit sounds good and someone promises they free shit.

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Even MSNBC is turning its back on the filthy shit skins. :D :D :D First All Sharpton lost his show, now Melissa Harris-Perry. GOOD RIDDANCE! NO Black woman should EVER have a job that doesn't involve either carrying a silver tray and saying "Mo tea sir?" or being being beaten with coat hangars by a pimp. Ive actually thought of starting an escort service and porn production company - recruiting TSU students just so I could ruin black womens lives and ensure they never amount to anything. There is NOTHING on this planet I find more annoying of offensive than female negroids. They are loud, obnoxious, poorly behaved. demanding, and in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. GOOD RIDDANCE Melissa Harris-Perry. Go sell your filthy purple cunt in the fifth ward. You done monkey. The tide is turning on the shit skins as the 8 year planet of the apes era in American politics ends.... Now if we can kill off michonne, sasha and that fucking priest on The Walking Dead..

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