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Well ya know the thing is - the mafia weren't something you had to fear. The mafia tends to engage in victimless crimes, handled with honor. Yes, they will break your legs, they will put you in cement shoes etc. BUT not unless you deserve it. The mafia had some VERY firm rules - NO COP KILLING. LEAVE THE FAMILIES OUT OF IT. DONT CAUSE COLLATERAL DAMAGE. NO WHACKING ANYBODY UNLESS ITS APPROVED. You know you were safe from the mafia.

The bloods, crips, la emma, etc. Those assholes will kill your any reason or no reason. They might shoot you in the face just because they need to shoot somebody for an initiation. They have a stupid beef with somebody over something moronic like "he dissed me" and they will spray an apartment complex with AK-47 fire hitting a half dozen innocents and missing their target. That shit doesn't happen with the mafia.

If the mafia is gonna whack you, they have a damn good reason to. Its been discussed at sit down, signed off on by a boss, and they are gonna take you for a ride out to the Meadowlands in Jersey.

You can walk through the park at night knowing the mafia isn't gonna jump out of a bush. You can stop at a traffic light knowing the mafia isn't gonna car jack you. Hell even when they would for example "Hijack a truck" it was done honorably. Driver meets them somewhere. Gets beat up a little for appearances sake and is given a fat envelope for his troubles. The only loser is the insurance company and they are the biggest crooks anyway.

Yes loansharks would break your legs, as would bookies, BUT only if you OWED THEM MONEY. Don't want your legs broken by a loan shark, either don't do business with them OR pay your fucking bills. LOL Frankly we should extend the "Your gonna have my money tomorrow or your gonna be eating applesauce through a straw" method to conventional banking and credit cards. We would have avoided the whole financial crisis thing. I would assume people would show a little more financial responsibility if they knew before borrowing that defaulting would give them more to fear than a dinged FICO score.

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Kev, what about shaking down the shop owners for a monthly fee, presumably for protection? Did they provide any actual protection, or was that just a means of robbing them? Saw Pauly doing that on the Sopranos, BTW - LOL. You'd never know that my paternal grandfather was born in Italy, but they were poor, dumb Daigos - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Kev, what about shaking down the shop owners for a monthly fee, presumably for protection?

Speaking from personal experience with my father's diving company, that "protection" was worth its weight in gold and is the best investment you can ever make.

OK say my dad had a job doing a hull cleaning, prop change or sea chest work on a merchant ship. No humping gear in every morning and breaking it down and humping it out every night. The longshoremen would run it in with a forklift. You didn't have to break it down, at night. Its $50,000 - $75,000 worth of equipment and you can leave it all right there overnight, on the docks, secure in the knowledge that NOBODY will fuck with it. The pack of smokes you left on top of the control console will still be there in the morning with the same number of cigs as you left it with. Meanwhile - while your there, they are gonna drum up MORE work for you to keep you there by making other captains an offer they cant refuse. You know so you might have come in there for a two day $3000 prop change, which you bumped up to 5K so you can kick two to the big boys. Instead your in there for ten days straight, because after ya did the prop change, the skipper of the next ship down tells you he's got a leaking sea chest, and over on pier 32 there is a guy who cant set out until he has some "emergency repairs" and then another captain over on 9 wants a hull inspection.... Day rate was $1500. The big boys, would book you solid at more like 3500 a day. If there was no work, they made work, even if that meant a long shoreman had to drop a container or three in the water... (You know from that thick headed Filipino captain who thought that he could say no. Whoops. Poorly loaded vessel in poor condition with a poorly trained non english speaking crew. Yikes boss, they must not have undone one of the chains, cause the load tilted, dropped and the whole fucking stack ended up in the water... Now you need a diving company to get those containers out of the harbor. Ouch. Emergency "incident response work" thats gonna cost ya.... ;) Again - completely victimless, cause the cost goes to the foreign shipping company and let those fuckers pay to flood our markets with their shit goods. If those containers are gonna come here at all they should come on US Flagged Vessels crewed by US Merchant Mariners. So - either way you pay the Americans now or you pay the Americans later, but you'll pay. LOL

Then you got what I call your business networking. You might be "strongly encouraged" to get your uniforms from a certain place, and your welding gasses from another place, and if you need concrete you buy it from this place.... BUT you also got a special deal and added perks. So like you might be paying $50 a week per employee for clean uniforms, BUT by God you get SNAZZY uniforms AND "exclusive access" to a particular marina as the only operation that can work out of there. See cause the uniform company's brother owns the marina, which is a private club, and they are very choosy about who is on the approved vendor list. So in the end you have more $$$ in your pocket. Yeah you pay $20 a yard more for concrete - BUT you make 50% more to place it, got the job, and the engineer designed the slab 25% thicker than it has to be so you come out thousands ahead.

Seriously - I wish to God my airport would be taken over by the mafia. Its damn nice to be able to pick up the phone and say "Hey Joey, things are slow, you got anything for me?" PLUS - the "side perks" of doing business with them were unreal. For example - we would get pastries and expresso delivered in the morning, and there was a certain restaurant where "my money was no good". Plus, you would get FANTASTIC DEALS. Like you would be working down there and your "rep" would pull up in a golf cart. "Excuse me gentlemen. I could not help but notice most of you gentlemen smoke. Mr _______ has recently been gifted quite a few cartons of cigarettes, and does not need them. Would you be interested in taking them off his hands at say $10 a carton" . Excuse me gentlemen, I cant help but assume such well paid men and physically fit men as you would have wives and girlfriends. I would like to invite you to a private fashion show at _______ bar. We have a quite a selection of ladies goods from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and other fine brands for 10 cents on the dollar. Proceeds to sponsor the feast of San Gennaro." It was fucking AWESOME. :D Having the mafia as a "silent partner" has more benefits than American Express Platinum LOL

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Oooooh SHINY!!!! Very cool! :D

The blue angels...

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Wow! Sounds pretty GD good. Sure didn't look that way on the Sopranos. They made it look like they just beat up on the poor, downtrodden business owners if they couldn't/wouldn't pay up and never did anything for them except leave them alone as long as their payments were current. Apparently a TV series isn't the best place to get info, even though the Sopranos was supposedly very realistic in their portrayal of the mafia - LOL. Thanks again for the enlightenment :)

Yes, the planes are very cool. The music not so much - LOL.

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Wow! Sounds pretty GD good. Sure didn't look that way on the Sopranos.

Yeah the Sopranos needed to have "a villain" ya know? But i mean it stands for logic. They are first and foremost businessmen. They are doing this to make money. They bring you more work, they get money. If you derive benefit from the relationship it is in your interest to nurture and perpetuate it. You don't make money by squeezing someone till they choke and go under. Thats how you piss somebody off and make them desperate enough to run to the feds and start paying you in marked bills and wearing a wire etc. Its a symbiotic relationship not parasitic. Id rather support 1000 mafia guys than one democrat. We should let the mafia guys out and put democrats in prison.

Case in point. Who made it a mission to "bring down the mafia" - Democratic Filth. That cocksucker Kennedy and his piece of shit brother Robert. OK, if the demoncraps were against something, you know its gotta be good.

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Ok so were watching "Bitten" on SyFy and Laura VanDerwoort just got laid. Question. Why didn't they do it doggy style - you know being as they are both werewolves.... :D

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Sounds like a sales rep working on commission, except they're packin' guns, blow torches, etc. and don't pay income tax - LOL.

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LOL Yeah actually it is commission based, It sort of "The Original Amway" LOL

The wise guys pay X% of what they make to their boss, who in turn pays x% to the guy above him and so on right up till it gets to "the Don". So a regular wise guy might be taking in 10K a week from various rackets, and paying out 2K to the guy above him, and he's got 25 guys so he's making 50 K a week and paying out 10K, and the next guy has 10 guys so he's getting 100K and paying out 20 K ,and so forth....

Its PURE capitalism. And if somebody is squeezing too hard and thus threatening to upset a good thing, he's gonna get a lot of heat from upstairs.

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My kid's washes have been killin' it this winter. We've had perfect weather for car washing...a couple days of snow, salt, mess, followed by days of higher temps and sun to dry the roads out. Glad he doesn't have to give Pauly a cut. The mob wouldn't do the kind of dirty work required there - lol. I'm sure he'd love them to rough up the fucktards though, the ones who pull in before they get a green arrow and screw up the machine and then sit in the bay wondering why their car isn't getting washed....while the line is down the road and people are getting pissed off. He'd love Pauly to take a baseball bat to those ones, drag them out to the dumpster, and take their cars to the chop shop - HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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Yeah, that's how Tony got his stash out by the pool, in a large container of some sort. Then Carmella started dipping into it - LOL. GAWD, I miss that show. Always thought maybe they'd resurrect it, until James Gandolfini bit the big one. That was a sad day :(

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GAWD, I miss that show. Always thought maybe they'd resurrect it, until James Gandolfini bit the big one. That was a sad day :(

Yeah I missed it too and had hoped it would come back. The other one I wish would come back is Oz. I LOVED Oz. Though let me tell ya its tough to watch Law And Order Special Victims Unit after having seen Oz. NO DONT TRUST ELLIOT STABLER HES A DERANGED HOMICIDAL QUEER! Noooooooo DONT LEAVE THAT CHILD WITH DR SKODA (JK Simmons) HELL CORN HOLE IT, BURN A SWASTIKA ON ITS ASS AND TURN IT INTO A HEROIN ADDICTED CROSS DRESSER!!!! :D Oz was GREAT TV.

My kid's washes have been killin' it this winter. We've had perfect weather for car washing

Awesome! The aviation biz has been abysmally slow this year. Fortunately other things have picked up the slack. Ill be curious to see what happens in October They are discontinuing aviation gasoline, but haven't approved a replacement yet. Giant Kenyan brainpower behind that. I suspect I shall use premium and blue dye LOL

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Never watched Oz. Sounds like I missed out - lol. Discontinuing aviation gasoline? WTF?

Here's an idea for a "facility" for the GITMO bout the Black House, AKA Planet of the Apes? Just til Donald gets in and the disinfection process is complete, of course. That animal is hell bent on doing as much additional damage as possible before his eviction. Wish they'd fast track this election process and get him out before his lease is up. He can keep his security deposit.

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What's the difference betwee aviation gas and regular gas? Bearing in mind you just can't drift to the side of the road (or go inside and call the John Deere repair place) if something goes wrong, what is the rationale? Is it that global warming and grednhouse gas treaty?

Meanwhile, I'm no longer a Democrat after watching the behavior of the part establishment and their dupes over the past few days. Lies, misrepresentation, and the fact that the deck is so stacked that the primaries and caucuses mean almost nothing. They want the black vote, but they have that superdelegate hedge in place they can't successfully manipulate them.

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Never watched Oz. Sounds like I missed out - lol.

Oz was GREAT. It was a prison drama that ran on HBO for six seasons. Had most of the actors from the Law And Order universe, as well as The Sopranos. Here's a "best moments of" clip. You'll see some familiar faces.

Most of the actors who played detectives on the various Law and Order's were inmates. (Elliot Stabler was this really fucked up gay psycho serial killer) The guy who played the child psychologist was the most evil fucked up villain ever on TV - "Vern Schillinger" . The asian FBI guy was a priest. Carmella soprano was a prison guard etc. It was incredible TV. Basically it tracked the story of Tobias Beecher - a mild mannered lawyer who had a DUI accident and killed a kid. In prison, surrounded by those people, he devolved to a heroin addicted thug in a gay relationship with Elliot Stabler who was manipulating things, starting prison riots etc.

When beecher first came to prison schillinger made him his bitch, but then - he toughened up.... LOL

oh and this LOL

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What's the difference betwee aviation gas and regular gas?

The main concern is that there is nothing else you can legally run in the engine. The rules require that you use the approved fuel with is 100 LL AvGas. So once it is discontinued, and the stocks exhausted, non turbine airplanes will sit parked with no fuel to run them. In terms of differences - there is a small amount of lead in aviation gas. Because of the high compression in the engines and the fact that they are run at high RPMs. That and the gasoline is dyed blue. They have been planning to phase out the lead and change AvGas for years, but the plan was to develop a replacement FIRST that will work in existing engines. Not to essentially ground the entire civil aviation fleet for lack of an authorized fuel. Pending retrofit with new engines that don't exist.

As for me. I intend to use super unleaded, maybe with an octane booster, and to somehow die it blue so it looks right. At least until president trump can relax the stupid rules imposed by this idiot administration.

Meanwhile, I'm no longer a Democrat

Congratulations for seeing the light. They really are a filthy lot of subhuman debris. The biggest threat this country has ever seen, They have become a cancer, and I really cant wait till we can start purging them and making this country great again. They have become the party of the lazy nigger, hell bent on bankrupting us and turning us into a third world country. Look what seven years of Obama brought us. Cities burning, cops gunned down in the streets, machete murders, beheadings, islamic terrorists on US soil... Welcome to Sierra Leone.

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Well, the cities were burning and cops were being shot the summer I turned 18, so nothing is new under the sun.

The final straw with me and the Dems was watching the primary election coverage in South Carolina, with the Pastors pretty much telling the congregation how to vote, more focused on the sizzle candidate than the steak one. "Hillary loves us black folks, an she done so much for us." Yeah, she was always there for the photo op, but it's thanks to policies she supported that half their men are in jail and there are no decent jobs for the rest. Also one of the policies she still supports put more black children into the poverty she claims to have fought all her life. That is a funny kind of 'caring'.

Nope, the Democratic party annointed her and will see to it that she gets the nomination by hook or crook. They are the party of the big fix and the easily manipulated voter. Debbie Wasserman Schultz makes me want to vomit, because I know I'm being lied to.

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YIKES!!!!!!!!! No Oz for me, thanks!

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Joy - its EXCELLENT. Seriously its one of the best shows ever made. Yes theres a lot of violence. homosexuality, etc.. Its "gritty" but my God what a drama. The character development is the best Ive ever seen. I mean all the characters are just like WOW. For example "Chris Meloni" (Elliot Stabler (L&O SVU) / Chris Keller (Oz) Hands down Oz is his better work.) JK simmons as vern schillinger is probably the best villain ever on TV. Though I have high hopes schillinger will be eclipsed by Negan)

See like this is when Schillinger and Beecher met....

Heres Carmela Soprano as a guard

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